Fronius Symo 12.5kW 3Ph Inverter


The Fronius Symo 12.5kW Grid Inverter 3Ph is a 1000V Max VOC Solar input, 12.5KW 3Phase Solar Inverter for grid-tie solar installations.

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Fronius Symo 12.5kW 3Ph Inverter

The Fronius Symo 12.5 Grid PV Inverter is a high quality, robust Maximum Power Point Tracking 3 Phase solar PV Inverter for residential and commercial solar installations. The communication package includes as standard WLAN, energy management, numerous interfaces, and more. The three-phase, transformerless inverter is part of Fronius’ “Snap” Inverter range, with a “snap-in” replacement inverter.

Overview of Specification

  • Symo 12.5kW Grid Inverter 3Ph
  • Voltage: 1000V Dc
  • Power: 12.5KW
  • 18.8KW Peak Solar input
  • 2 MPPT Trackers
  • 200-1000V input
  • 3+3 solar connections
  • 600V Nom input


  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • 34.8kg
  • Wlan/Ethernet Interfaces
  • 6/4Programmable inputs/outputs (eg relays)
  • Web Portal for energy management
  • RS485 comms

Brochure/Manufacturer’s WebsiteNo DIY Electrical Work

Additional information

Weight 34.8 kg
Dimensions 72.5 × 5.1 × 22.5 cm