K-Series Batteries

If you are looking for a battery solution, you have three main options:

Transportable Demountables & Tiny Homes: K32 Range

You have a Transportable Building like a Demountable or Tiny Home, so need a remote system to AS3001: K32 Lithium Range.

On-grid solar self-consumption: K32A Range

You have solar, use grid power, and want a battery for solar self-consumption at night, installed under AS5039: K32A Lithium Range.

Backup Power Batteries: K32A & K32C Range

You occasionally have blackouts, and want a battery for backup power: K32A Lithium Range or K32C AGM Range for UPS-like operation.

Offgrid properties & Remote Power: K33 Range

You are offgrid, or want to disconnect, so need an offgrid system, for installation to AS4509: K33 Lithium Range.